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MEGA 1.0
Have you considered a Megaformer class but hesitates to try something new? Great news - Core CLE is now offering complimentary Mega 1.0 for anyone new to the Mega! The class is designed for newbies to get to know the Mega and the fundamentals of Lagree Fitness. Guests will leave feeling comfortable and confident on the Mega and educated on the basics of Lagree. Be sure to check our schedule for the next offering of this complimentary class!

MEGA 1.5
New to Core CLE or just want to work on your form? Then MEGA 1.5 is the class for you! This 45 minute full-body workout provides in-depth instruction and options for modifications. The pace is a bit slower, hi-lighting the front of the Mega to ensure you learn the exercises and master quick transitions. With a hyper focus on form and alignment, this class is ideal for individuals who are new to the Mega, recovering from an injury, just looking for a slightly less intense workout than Mega 2.0. This class is also great for the experienced as it is sure to challenge all fitness levels.

MEGA 2.0

Mega 2.0 is our signature 45 minute high intensity, low impact full-body strength training workout that utilizes slow controlled movements with constant spring loaded tension and quick transitions. With this class, you can expect more advanced progressions and movements off the back of the Mega. All fitness levels are welcome and modifications are provided as needed.


Our signature Mega 2.0 followed by spring assisted stretching to accelerate muscle recovery while also improving flexibility, stability, and range of motion. This class is 50 minutes.


Get ready for a 30 minute calorie scorching, rhythm based group training experience. Our climbing method utilizes your upper and lower body together with zero-impact. The VersaClimber gives you no momentum, therefore forcing your body to do all the work! For all fitness levels.



This total body, 45 minute workout stimulates both your slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers while remaining a high intensity, non-impact workout. Our Mega-n-Versa Combo group fitness class consists of your first 20 minutes on the Mega with a focus on core strength. Then you transition to our state-of-the art VersaClimbers for 20 minutes of heart-pumping, low impact, intense cardio to increase endurance and functional strength, build long lean muscle, and lower body fat. Plan to wear grip socks on the Mega and clean indoor sneakers on the Versa. Previous experience on the Mega and Versa is recommended.


In this total body high intensity, low impact workout you will split your time between dumbbell work and intervals on the Versa. Designed to accelerate muscle tone and development while promoting cardiovascular strength and endurance. Mindful movement and low impact modifications are offered, making this class achievable for anyone. Dumbbells and Mats provided.

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