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Join respectfully...Placing yourself on the waitlist means you plan to take class.  Clients on the waitlist will AUTOMATICALLY move into available spots up to ONE (1) HOUR PRIOR  to class. When added to class from the waitlist you are considered confirmed. If you do not have class credits available your account will be charged a drop-in fee.

If your plans change, remove yourself from the waitlist. If you fail to remove yourself and are added to the class your account will be charged a cancellation fee. If you are on multiple waitlists and are added to a class, remove yourself from the other waitlists. If you keep yourself on multiple lists and are added to multiple classes you will be charged.

 Log in online or in-app to check your waitlist status, go to My Info, click My Schedule. If you’re in, it will say “waitlist unconfirmed”. Please acknowledge confirmation here to hold your spot. When receiving waitlist notifications via TEXT, please respond 'Y' or 'N'. To receive waitlist notifications you MUST ENABLE the Reminders and Schedule Changes TEXT and EMAIL check boxes in your Core CLE profile. 

It is your responsibility to manage your account. We do not waive fees for missed notifications.

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