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Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. If you still need help shoot us an email, we are happy to answer any questions you have or send us feedback! It's a two way street! Search quickly by using the search feature (magnifying glass) below.

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  • Is Core CLE for everyone?
    YES! Men and women of all fitness levels can benefit from training at Core CLE. The low impact nature of the Megaformer and VersaClimber minimizes unnecessary stress on your joints and makes it perfect for those who may be rehabbing injuries. Don't get us wrong, the workout is nothing short of intense! There will be an initial adjusment period, but trust us, stick with it and the results will speak for themselves!
  • Is this Pilates?
    Lagree Fitness is a full-body, HIIT alternative workout. While the Lagree Method embodies elements of Pilates, IT IS NOT! It’s athletic, fast-paced and intense, while incorporating low impact, controlled movements. The Lagree Method is an unparalleled full-body workout targeting all elements of physical fitness: strength, cardio, balance, endurance, body composition and flexibility in each 45 minute session.
  • What’s the diff between the Mega and the Reformer?
    The Megaformer was inspired from the Pilates reformer more than a decade ago, and has significantly evolved and advanced into a multi-functional strength training machine. The Megaformer allows for more intensity and has a much broader range of applications than the Reformer. The Mega has double the amount of springs than the Reformer, creating more resistance and allowing for maximum intensity for even the strongest participant. It also has many more options than the Reformer for adjusting the angle of movement, targeting different muscle groups. This gives the Megaformer access to hundreds of exercise combinations. The exercises performed on the patented Megaformer simply cannot be performed on the Reformer. Making each workout comprehensive and full-body, while increasing the heart rate and stimulating more fat and calories burned per session.
  • What is a VersaClimber?
    The VersaClimber is the #1 high intensity total body cardio climber with resistance training...making it one of the most effective workouts possible! The VersaClimber mimics the act of climbing, moving vertically to work your muscles in ways that you can not on normal cardio equipment. The machine forces you to use both your upper and lower muscle groups, without putting pressure on your joints. The machine only moves if you do! We encourage you to pace yourself your first few classes. It takes about 2 to 3 classes for your body to acclimate to the Climber, so be sure to take as many breaks as you need to give your body the time to adapt.
  • What are the benefit of the VersaClimber?
    The VersaClimber's smooth fluid stride is a safe non-impact cardio blasting workout providing a more complete total body exercise; toning all major muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, back, hips, butt and legs in one fluid motion. There’s no pounding on knees, joints, or hips, lowering the risk of bodily stress and injury that is sometimes seen in other group-based training. Unlike other cardio machines, the VersaClimber uses no momentum, requiring your body to perform all the work. Climbing against gravity burns more calories, increases heart rate, and heightens oxygen consumption when compared to rowing, spinning, and treadmill running research shows.
  • What is a Lift-n-Climb Class?
    In this total body high intensity / low impact workout you will split your time between dumbbell work and intervals on the Versa. Designed to accelerate muscle tone and development while promoting cardiovascular strength and endurance. Mindful movement and low impact modifications are given for each exercise, making this class achievable for anyone. Dumbbells / Mats provided.
  • How long is a Mega class? Lift-n-Climb class? Climb class?
    Mega and Lift-n-Climb classes are 45 minutes long. Climb classes are 30 minutes long. Trust us. It’s plenty.
  • What if it's my first time?
    Yay! Welcome to Core CLE! Please sign up for class by clicking "Register/Book" in the top righthand corner of this page. Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class for a quick orientation and studio tour. New workouts can be intimidating- we promise the Megaformers and VersaClimbers don’t bite and we’re happy you're here! If you do not arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class and the instructor feels there is not adequate time to explain the machine / workout to you, you will not be permitted to take the class. The class will be credited back into your account to reschedule for another time. This is for your safety! You will need clean sneakers for the Versa and a pair of grip socks for the Mega. If you do not have a pair, they're available for purchase at the studio.
  • I’m new to Core CLE, do you offer a beginner’s class?
    Our signature Mega + Climb classes are made for and welcome all fitness levels. So, you're welcome to just jump right in and take a class (for your first class plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class)! Our classes are team-oriented and motivating, and our encouraging atmosphere guarantees optimal fitness results. Core CLE is an intense workout that will bring your muscles to failure, and your last few seconds in each exercise should be a struggle! If you have any questions just give us a shout 440-688-1700.
  • I am out of shape, can I do a Mega class? What level do you have to be?
    If you can hold a plank for 45 seconds, you’ll do great! We believe no other activity will help you get back into shape faster or with less chance of injury than Core CLE. Our classes are definitely challenging, however there are modifications to decrease the intensity of almost every exercise. Your instructor will show you how to level down during class, if necessary.
  • I am really FIT, will this workout challenge me?
    YES! We are an athlete's workout. If you don't like a challenge, this workout is probably not for you! Our method focuses on slow-twitch muscle fibers and pushing them to failure while under constant tension. You’ll feel an intensity like you never have before! We get excited when we see you shakin' and quakin', so don't be surprised if you get a shout out during class!
  • How will Core CLE enhance my other workouts?
    *Running: Core CLE will build core and overall strength, improving pace and aiding in injury prevention. Think of it as an insurance policy! *Yoga: Core CLE targets muscles rarely recruited in asana while being mindful. *Boutique Fitness Enthusiasts: Core CLE enlists slow twitch muscle fibers increasing endurance levels. *Weight Training: Core CLE improves flexibility and stamina. *Athletes: Core CLE improves overall performance-period!
  • How many calories will I burn?
    Calories burned will depend on your weight, height and fitness level. Clients can burn anywhere from 150-700 calories! Other than calories burned, the true benefits of strength workouts like Core CLE come from increasing lean muscle mass. When you add muscle you get stronger, your heart works better, your immune system works better, your metabolism increases dramatically and you burn fat more effectively.
  • How often should I take class?
    It depends on your fitness regimen. If you are very active and want to supplement your routine with Core CLE, 2-3 classes a week will ensure that you maintain the neuromuscular connections that build your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. When you drop-in once in awhile, it's as if you are starting from scratch every time. If Core CLE is your main source of fitness, we recommend taking class 3-5 times a week. Your mind-muscle connection will be constantly fired up and you'll be amazed at how fast you'll see results. You'll burn fat, increase flexibility and balance, jump-start your metabolism, strengthen your entire body and ultimately, be in the best shape of your life. When you start taking classes more than 5 times a week, you may not be getting enough rest and recovery. Core CLE will work your muscles to the point of fatigue, so your body will need rest and TLC. Relax and let your body do it's thing. A good indicator of working out too much is feeling super tired, getting injured and/or getting sick more often. Working out without enough rest can cause damage and inflammation to every region in your body, from your cells to your organs. Take your rest as seriously as your training!
  • How soon will I see results?
    Some of our clients tell us they see results and feel stronger after just 2 to 3 classes, WOW! You will notice change taking class 2 to 3 times per week; others will notice the change taking 3 to 5 classes per week! For optimal results we recommend taking 3 to 5 classes per week.
  • Should I schedule a private session first?
    Our workout does not require you to start with private sessions, as the classes are designed to work in a group setting. Beginners may find their first class confusing, but don’t be discouraged. It takes about 10 classes to gain the comfort level associated with a better understanding of the workout. Each class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Your instructor will introduce you to the Machine and discuss any potential limitations you might have before the class begins. Our classes are small, so you’ll receive a lot of personal attention during your workout. Modifications are possible for almost every exercise, to suit your current fitness level. However, if you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, we recomemnd consulting with your doctor before starting a new fitness program.
  • Can I drop in?
    YES! We welcome drop-ins. Our Mega drop-in rate is $35, Versa drop-in is $22. If you walk-in to your first class without creating an online account, the instructor will ask you to create an online account before class begins. We STRONGLY recommend online sign-up through our Core CLE website whenever possible. If you walk-in we cannot guarantee a spot will be available in class.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    Your strong self..preferably in snug, breathable clothing with an open mind! Come prepared with a water bottle (you can fill it up at our water station), towel, grip socks for the Mega (they are required for safety and sanitary reasons), and clean indoor sneakers for the VersaClimber. Please do not wear strong scents or lotions. Some are allergic. Please silence cell phones and leave all jewelry / valuables at home.
  • Why do I have to remove my jewelry?
    Jewelry and piercings damage our lovely machines and can get caught on the springs and pulleys.....It has happened before and it did not turn out well for the jewelry, the machine, and the participant! We highly recommend leaving your valubles at home.
  • Should I eat before or after class?
    We recommend having a small snack 30-45 minutes before working out, such as an apple, a banana, or a handful of nuts. Eating before your workout will help keep your energy level high and help burn more fat rather than muscle. After your workout, we suggest you eat some protein within 45 minutes, which helps aid muscle recovery.
  • How do I create an account?
    Click on ‘SCHEDULE / ACCOUNT’ in the upper right corner of our site. This will direct you to MindBody. In the upper right corner click on ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instructions. Be sure all your email / text checkboxes are enabled when creating your Core CLE account. If not, you will not have proper access to your account and will not receive important studio updates and special offers.
  • How do I purchase a class?
    You can purchase and book class through our pricing page (click here). Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable (you can't share a package with your family or friends). We recommend reserving your spot online. Walk-ins are subject to availability.
  • What are your special discounts?
    We offer a discount on our recurring full-priced memberships to Active Military and First Responders. Restrictions apply. Contact us for discount details.
  • What are your accepted forms of payment?
    We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and ACH. All classes must be registered for and paid for in advance.
  • Where can I manage my account?
    Managing your account and purchasing contracts are done best when logged into Core CLE's website on a desktop computer. If you're on your phone, our Core CLE app makes it easy to manage, buy, and book your classes. The MindBody app is best used for scheduling while traveling and on the go. Download our Core CLE app now onyour iOS or Android device!
  • When is the class schedule released?
    Our monthly schedule is released on the 23rd of each month for the following month for Monthly AutoPay Members, and the 27th for class pass holders. All Access Members enjoy priority booking on the 15th of each month for the following month.
  • Can I share my class pass?
    Classes are non-transferable. A friend or relative may not use one of your classes to take class themselves. Your guest must create an account and sign up for their first class, or purchase a class online. For liability reasons, every class participant must create an online account, sign the waiver and enter their emergency contact information.
  • How do I redeem my Buddy Pass?
    First, your buddy must create their profile through the Core CLE website (billing info is required to reserve a class). Once they've confirmed completion of their profile, email the studio with your buddy's name and confirmation of completed profile; be sure to CC your buddy on the email for communications. You and your bud will receive a confirmation email within 24hrs. Please note...buddy passes are valid for local West Shore residents NEW to Core CLE only. Exclusions apply.
  • I referred a friend... now what?
    Email the studio with your referrals full name and the date/time of the class they attended. When you refer 2 new clients (who've purchased a class package), you'll receive $15 in Core CLE credit for use towards any regularly priced purchases. Refer as many as you like!​ *Ambassador rewards can not be used in conjunction with any other promotions or deals.
  • The class I want to sign up for is full. What should I do?
    Our classes tend to fill up quickly. We recommend signing up a couple days in advance, and always adding yourself to the waitlist. Clients make schedule changes and cancel out of classes all the time. It's very likely you will get into a class by adding your name to the waitlist online. Be sure you've subscribed to receive TEXT Reminders and Schedule Change notifications, as it is your responsibility to manage your waitlist reservation. You may be be notified up to 1 hour prior to class if you are added from the waitlist to class. Also check day-of for last minute openings. Please review the waitlist policy on our Details page.
  • What is the class cancellation/no show policy?
    Due to the limited number of spaces available in each class, clients must be accountable for their reservations and we must have a cancellation/no-show policy. You must cancel your class online with at least 12 hours notice to avoid a late cancel and/or no-show penalty. Clients with class passes, packages, and session-based recurring contracts will forfeit the class for late cancels. No-shows will forfeit the class and incur a $15 no-show fee. Late cancels within one (1) hour will be considered and charged a no-show fee. Clients with pre-paid/unlimited/auto-pay packages will incur a $15 late cancel fee. Late cancels within one (1) hour will be considered a no-show and charged $35. Clients with Intro passes will incur a $15 late cancel fee / $35 No-show fee. Late cancels with in one (1) hour will be charged as a no-show, $35. Sorry, no exceptions! Please review the cancellation policy on our Details / Policies page.
  • Can I switch my class reservation to another time on the same day?
    Switching classes within 12 hours of morning classes (before 12:00pm) and 8 hours of all other classes will result in a late cancel fee for the originally scheduled class.
  • What if I can’t come and its less than 12 or 8 hours before class begins?  Will I still be charged?
    Yes, even if it’s your first time. Due to the limited number of spaces available for each class. All classes require a 12 hour cancellation notice. Although we know life happens and things come up, there are no exceptions to our cancellation policy. As we have a limited amount of space available per class, the policy is in place to encourage members to make schedule changes in a timely manner, and to ensure that there are machines available as needed. Last minute schedule changes prevent others from having the opportunity to sign up. It also helps to motivate you to stick to your scheduled workout. Phone calls, texts, emails, and social media message are not acceptable forms of canceling. Please cancel through your Core CLE app or your account online within the required timeline to avoid fees.
  • Will my spot be given away if I'm late to class?
    Yes! It is very important to arrive on time, to respect other members and your instructor. Very often when classes are full, clients will drop in to see if someone doesn’t show, allowing them a space in an otherwise full session. If you arrive late and are not present 3 minutes before class start time, your space may be given to someone who is waiting. There is no grace period in this situation. To avoid this situation, arrive at least 5 minutes before class. We realize life happens, please do your best to plan for traffic, weather, parking, you are not disappointed when you arrive late and someone else is on the machine you reserved.
  • Do you have showers/lockers?
    Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we do not have showers or lockers in our studio. Please do not bring valuables into the studio, Core CLE is not liable for lost belongings.
  • Can Core CLE help me with my rehabilitation needs?
    Core CLE is not intended to be rehabilitative. Though there are certain rehabilitative-like benefits, such as increased flexibility and improved posture, the workout is intended for healthy individuals, cleared for exercise by their doctor. Should you have any specific needs or injuries please contact us before your first class.
  • What if I'm pregnant?
    If you are pregnant and new to Core CLE, we do not advise starting our classes. However, if you’ve been regularly attending classes at Core CLE you can continue with prior consent from your doctor. As always, consult your physician before starting any new exercise plan.
  • How old do you have to be to take class?
    You must be 18 years or older. Minors must first take a private session to be evaluated if they're ready for the pace and expectation of group classes. We will determine this case by case and decline any minors if we do not feel they're ready to participate in group classes.
  • Where can I find the monthly membership pricing options in the Online Store?
    MindBody will default to the Services tab online after logging into your account. Follow these easy steps to find the Auto Renew Monthly Membership options: Log into your MindBody account. Go to the Purchase tab at the top right of the page Select “Core CLE Memberships” Choose from the drop down selection “Which Contract or Package would you like?” Start booking your Machine! All other classes/packages can be found under “Core CLE Class Passes".
  • Can I put my account on hold?
    *Only our Priority All Access monthly recurring agreements can be placed on hold one time per calendar year. There is a $100 fee for suspension requests over 2 weeks long and we do not offer suspensions under a 10 day period. *Your account must be in good standing with no unpaid classes or declined auto payments. *To place your account on hold, please email us the exact dates of your hold time at *You are responsible for canceling your scheduled classes during your hold time in order to avoid fees. *Monthly memberships cannot be extended. *Pre-Paid 12 Month Unlimited cannot be extended or placed on hold. *Exclusions apply
  • Do you offer a Monthly ALL CLASS ACCESS Option?
    YES! We offer a Monthly PRIORITY ALL ACCESS Membership to take advantage of all class modalities on our schedule (Mega, Climb, Lift-n-Climb). We also offer a VersaClimber only option. Monthly memberships auto-renew every month. So the day it expires, your account will automatically purchase another month under the same terms. To purchase your Monthly PRIORITY ALL ACCESS Membership, log into your account, go to Core CLE Memberships and choose the Monthly PRIORITY ALL ACCESS. Please be sure to review the details of your membership before purchasing.
  • How do I cancel a recurring package?
    Recurring packages automatically renew after completion of the initial 3 month minimum commitment. If you want to cancel after the initial 3-month commitment, please email us a written request to cancel your membership at at least 10 days prior to your next billing cycle or the contract will auto-renew for additional 3 month periods till you cancel. See recurring package contract language for more details.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    We offer numerous pricing options…single classes, class packs, unlimited or number of classes each month in recurring 3 month durations. The only things you’ll have to sign are 1) acknowledging that you agree to our studio policies, terms and conditions; and 2) a waiver of liability. Be sure to carefully read the full agreement terms upon checkout when purchasing any pricing option.
  • When I call the studio I always get your answering machine. How can I contact you?
    We do our best to answer calls when class is not in session. If you do get our machine during business hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Alternatively, the best way to contact us is by emailing us at Phone calls and emails are answered Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.
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