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  • Studio door locks 3 minutes prior to class start time. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early.

  • Remove all jewelry and piercings before class. These can damage our lovely machines and might get wrapped up in the springs/pulleys. It has happened before and it didn't turn out well! We strongly recommend leaving all valuables at home.

  • Core CLE is not responsible for your items, and we do not guarantee holding any items left behind for pickup.

  • Grip socks are required on the Mega for safety and sanitary reasons, and are available for purchase at the studio.

  • Clean sneakers are required for the VersaClimber.

  • No cell phones in the Mega studio or Climb studio.

  • A valid credit card is required to be on file with Core CLE at all times, including situations when taking advantage of complimentary classes or promotional offers.

  • All classes must be prepaid to reserve a class. You must have class credits available for use in your account to reserve a Mega or Versa. Classes will not be confirmed otherwise.

  • Cancel 12 hours before start time of morning classes (classes before 12:00pm),  and 8 hours ahead for all other classes to avoid late fee/loss of class.

  • Holiday and specialty classes will incur a $35 fee if cancelled within the 12 hour cancellation window.

  • All classes must be canceled online. Phone calls, texts, emails, and social media messages are not acceptable forms of canceling. You must sign into your Core CLE account to do so. Sorry, no exceptions!

  • You will be charged a cancellation fee if you switch your class reservation to another time on the same day.

  • Only our monthly recurring packages can be placed on hold one time per calendar year. There is a $100 fee for suspension requests over 14 days and we do not offer suspensions under a 10 day period. Exclusions apply.

  • Each Core CLE client requires his or her individual online account and class package. 

  • Be mindful of class pass expiration dates.

  • No glass bottles or food in the studio.

  • We reserve the right to cancel classes with 30% or less capacity. Early morning classes (before 7:00am) may be notified up to 6 hours before class start time, all other classes 1 hour before class start time.

  • Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Please visit the class schedule for updates.

  • All sales are final. All purchases are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable. A refund processing fee of $25 will be charged on any disputed charges.



  • Monthly schedule released on the 23rd for members and the 27th for non-members.



  • Be on time...we like to provide a distraction-free experience for our members.

  • Refrain from side conversations once class begins to ensure all students can hear the coach during class.

  • Silence your cell phones

  • No strong scents or lotions due to allergies

  • No gum chewing during class



With limited spots available, our cancellation policy is the best way to give everyone an equal opportunity to sign up for class. All classes require a 12 hour cancellation notice. Switching classes on the same day will result in a late cancel fee for the originally scheduled class. Private sessions require a 24 hour cancellation notice. All classes must be canceled online. Phone calls, text, emails, and social media messages are not acceptable forms of canceling. You must sign into your Core CLE account to do so. If you need to cancel a reservation, login online or in-app, go to My Info, click My Schedule, click Cancel next to the class time. If you fail to do so, you will be marked / charged as a no-show. All clients must agree to the cancellation policy in order to attend Core CLE. No exceptions.



If a class you would like to take is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. Only place yourself on the waitlist if you plan to take class, registering for the waitlist means you plan to take class. 

Be mindful the cancellation policy applies to the waitlist. When scheduling, choose “Yes, Add me to the Waitlist”. You may be notified via email / text up to one (1) hour prior to class if you’ve been moved from the waitlist and added to class. If your plans change, remove yourself from the waitlist. If you fail to remove yourself and are added to class, your account will be charged a cancellation fee. We do not waive fees for missed notifications. To receive these notifications you MUST ENABLE TEXT notifications for Reminders and Schedule Changes in your Core CLE profile. It is your responsibility to manage your waitlist reservation. Once added to class from the waitlist confirm your attendance or your spot may be given to the next person on the waitlist. If you do not have class credits available for use, your account will automatically be charged a drop-in fee. To check your waitlist status, login online or in-app, go to My Info, click My Schedule. If you’re in, it will say “waitlist unconfirmed”. Please acknowledge confirmation here to hold your spot. When receiving a waitlist notification via TEXT, please respond 'Y' or 'N'.


A valid credit card is required to be on file with Core CLE at all times, including situations when taking advantage of our complimentary classes or promotional offers. Core CLE is not responsible for any bank overdraft fees that may occur from late cancel/no-show fees. Fees will be charged to the credit card on file automatically. Late cancel/no-show fees are subject to promotions. Accounts without a valid credit card on file are subject to immediate suspension and cancellation of all future reservations.


You can purchase gift cards online or in person at the studio. Select your gift amount, create a personal message, and choose a delivery date. Gift cards are sent via email and the recipient can activate the card immediately.



First Responders and Active Military.

Core CLE recognizes and appreciates the work and services all First Responders provide to the community. We welcome Law Enforcement as well as all active career and volunteer Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and Search and Rescue Personnel, to take advantage of this discount. It's our way of saying thank you to those that keep us safe at home and on the road. This discount can not be used in conjunction with any other promotions or deals. Contact us for more details.



Private Group and Corporate.​ Contact us for details.



Your attendance in any Core CLE class implies consent to having your person captured in video or photography by either staff members or media sources. We reserve the right to use all resulting materials (photos, videos, and audio recordings), without restriction, in promotional materials, advertising, news articles, website content, social media, and any other manner of marketing. If a member prefers not to have their image captured while participating in any Core CLE class, they reserve the right to advise staff prior to the beginning of their assigned class. Security cameras are always on and recording in real time.


Core CLE is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items left in our studio.

Please be sure to understand all guidelines pertaining to our policies. You must complete a Waiver and Release prior to your first class. We are thrilled to have you be a part of our ever-growing and supportive community. If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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