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Member participating in a fitness class


"I love Shari's class because it is difficult and she pushes me but within my ability. She mixes it up all the time. Her verbal queues on alignment are awesome and as I progress she expects more." -Colleen

"Whitney is one of the best instructors and she always pushes you for a little more and she makes sure that you are doing all the moves correctly. Your body will be shaking for a while once you are done with her class. I love coming to her class." -Zeeshan

"I love her (Christine's) enthusiasm and she pushes us to our best. She is tough which makes class worth the money." -Nella

"Shari is an amazing Core CLE instructor and leader. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with her and her team. Thank you for what you do!" -Cindy

"Shari provides thoughtful, yet challenging instruction. She ensures that the clients are performing each move correctly and efficiently while keeping each workout different to prevent boredom." -Tara

"This was my first time taking class and Carrie made me feel very comfortable. She helped to correct my form and made me feel very welcomed. I will definitely be returning again soon :)" -Maura

"Shari's classes are always intense and challenging. I like how motivating she is. I'm newer to Core CLE and she is always great about checking to be sure I'm doing each move correctly." -Cheryl

"Jean is an inspiring instructor. She genuinely cares about her students and ensures each has a strong workout and gives it their all. Her sequencing and queuing of moves is tip-top." -Joseph

"Awesome instruction and support! Shari miraculously makes each move seem faster than 2 minutes with her constant cheerleading!" -Rachael

"Christine is a great CORE instructor. She is always full of energy and motivating. Her inclusion of new, challenging moves each class keep the workouts fun and rewarding. I also think the transitions from move to move retain a good pace to the class and do a good job of targeting specific muscles to achieve fatigue. I would recommend anyone novice to expert take Christine's classes. I'm still waiting to see a video of turtles moving through peanut butter!" -Ben

"This was the first class I took with Becca. She did a great job. Very clear with instructions, a good amount of challenges but not so much that the class was impossible to get through! Good music too. Thanks Becca!"-Nicki

"This was my first class at Core CLE and Jean made me feel so welcome. She asked me if I had any limitations and gave great instruction along with modifications! 

Can't wait to come back!!!"-Lisa

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-Kathleen, Core CLE App

-Andrea, Core CLE App


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